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Curtin University
Collaborative Research in Art, Science and Humanity

detail of work by Susanna Castleden


Creative Advancement

Collaborative Research in Art, Science and Humanity national aims are to advance the creative use of new science technologies that have emerged in response to the rapid changes in the global environment.

SODA's research in Art Science and Humanity research is much more than a technological project as it encompasses both new and established forms of creative expression along an analogue-digital continuum. Embodying a desire to develop new fields of practice and theory, as well as new research areas on the arts-science interface, it signifies Curtin University's commitment to transdisciplinary research at the cutting edge of the arts, humanities and science. With the University’s significant regional links with cultural centres, nationally unique research infrastructure and connections to international research networks, CRASH’s goal is to be the driving force in art-science collaboration, research and excellence in Western Australia.