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nano screen shots


The Posthumanities: New Adventures in Interdisciplinarity with Dr Colin Milburn

Location: School of Art and Design Room 202:117, Curtin University
Date and time: 2-4 pm Thursday 11 February

This workshop introduced the emerging field of the "posthumanities," presenting various ways in which the research methodologies of the humanities can be brought together with the natural sciences and the social sciences to address contemporary technoculture. Workshop participants practiced formulating research questions that productively cross-disciplinary boundaries, identifying specific methods or critical traditions relevant to postdisciplinary projects, and worked collaboratively on short writing exercises that focus on communicating postdisciplinary research to diverse audiences.

Force/Magnitudes Nanotechnology Workshop

Dates: Wednesday 3 to Friday 5 February 2010

In conjunction with the John Curtin Gallery art in the age of nanotechnology exhibition and the strange futures: collaborations that make nano-art symposium, Collaborative Research in Art, Science and Humanity co-hosted a hands-on workshop at the Curtin University Department of Chemistry Scanning Probe Microscopy Facility.

This joint venture between the Nanochemistry Research Institute and Collaborative Research in Art, Science and Humanity introduced artists and scientists to the visual technology of nano including the Atomic Force Microscope. The workshop investigated the nano world, exploring the limits of our understanding of the physical world and of what nano futures may hold.

Participants scanned their own (previously prepared) sample.

Dr Thomas Becker adjusts the AFM

Dr Thomas Becker in the Scanning Probe Microscopy Facility.

Workshop participant at the controls.

Video camera on left and scanning screens on the right.

Waiting for scans to be completed.

Dr Paul Thomas explaining the use of atomic force microscopy in his artworks.

Kevin Raxworthy showing participants how to take data into 3D editing programs.



Wednesday 1645 Registration and welcome
Wednesday 1700 Introductory lecture and explanation of the Atomic Force Microscope
Thursday 0900-1700 Participants split into two groups of four and rotate through: 1. Introduction to AFM laboratory procedures 2. nano art and image processing
Thursday 1800 Opening: art in the age of nanotechnology
Friday 0900-1700 Participants work on further scanning and image processing
Friday 1700 Presentation and discussion
Sunday 0945-1700 Samples of the workshop showcased at strange futures: collaborations that make nano-art symposium

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