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Curtin University
Collaborative Research in Art, Science and Humanity


Jaz portrait

Jan Andruszkiewicz

Research Question

Re-imaging visual information complexity: A creative approach to information entropy, perception, identification, and understanding.


Jan’s research interest lies within the informational nature of pixels, exploring the internal relationships that converge to form recognisable images, and the external relationship between the image and its surrounding.  The research investigates the connections between information entropy, image complexity and its situation within the broader cultural context of the recognisable.  Jan’s creative practice explores the use of software code as an art medium, giving voice to concepts that interrogate the notion of the image.  Jan’s philosophical framework is influenced by the writings of Henri Bergson, Gilles Deleuze and Jacques Ranciere.



 Computing, coding in C/C++, Java, Processing. 

Artistic influences:

Stephen Jones, Paul Brown, Ernest Edmonds, Jim Campbell, Cory Arcangel, Chuck Close, Vuk Cosic, William Latham, and Leon Harmon and Ken Knowlton.