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Curtin University
Collaborative Research in Art, Science and Humanity

Joel Louie

Research question

"Embodied Interaction: Tangible Human-Computer Interfaces using the corporeal frameworks of Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Rudolf Laban."


Joel's research and creative practice seek to explore how our relationship to computing technology is effected and affected through mediation with embodied interaction modalities. Influenced by the aesthetic of synaesthesia, Joel enjoys making interactive artifacts that translate one set of sensory input into a different set of sensory output. In addition to being a new media artist and composer, Joel is also a dedicated educator and researcher in the area of Human-Computer Interaction.

Inspiration: Tangible Media Group @ Media Lab MIT, HCII Group @ Carnegie Mellon, Physical Computing Group @ ITP NYU, Wii.
Current Tools: Max/Msp, Arduino, Computer Vision Tracking,
Current obsession: Composing Music on a the original Nintendo Gameboy.